Throughout the years, there have been multiple community members who have helped keep TCMC viable through donations, hours of volunteer work and serving as board members.

Towner County Medical Center is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that provides inpatient and outpatient hospital care, long-term care, clinical services, retirement housing, and community child care. The Boards of Directors of the Medical Center, The Hospital Authority, and The Living Center serve without compensation.

Hospital Governing Board

Dave Wolsky – Board President
Banker – Cando, ND

Tom Belzer
Farmer – Cando, ND

John Peters
Farmer – Bisbee, ND

Mike Farbo
Accountant – Cando, ND

Greg Westlind
Farmer – Cando, ND

Randina Bjornstad
Pharmacy owner – Cando, ND

Michelle Gibbens
Attorney – Cando, ND

Bruce Gibbens ( General Counsel)
Attorney – Cando, ND

Towner County Hospital Authority Board

Chantel Parker
DON, TCMC – Cando, ND

Tammy Larson
CFO, TCMC – Bisbee, ND

Tim Hendrickson
Farmer – Bisbee, ND

Lisa Mosser
 First United Bank– Cando, ND

Tom Belzer
Farmer – Cando, ND

Bradley Bergdahl
Investment Broker – Cando, ND

Joleen Johnson
Farmer – Egeland, ND

Brad Miller
First State Bank – Cando, ND

Joann Rodenbiker
Utility Executive – Rock Lake, ND

Bruce Gibbens (General Counsel)
Attorney – Cando, ND

"Elected and Represented by Proprietors of TCMC"

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