Towner County Medical Center Timeline


Towner County Memorial Hospital was built on land donated by Phil and Julianne Belzer. The original 26-bed hospital included surgery, nursery, dietary, laboratory, radiology, and laundry rooms. The second floor of the hospital was a convent. 

May 26th, 1953

The hospital was dedicated on May 26th, 1953. The cost of the project was funded from the gifts of Towner County residents and the rest was provided by the order of the Sisters of St. Francis.


A new chapel and chaplain’s suit was completed.


The Sisters of St. Francis added an addition, effectively doubling the size of the hospital. The addition included a new wing of patient rooms, an ambulance garage, the emergency room and new radiology and laboratory rooms.  


Due to financial and recruiting struggles, the Sisters of St. Francis decided to close the hospital. The residents of Towner County responded to this challenge and on July 1st, 1992, the ownership and direction of the hospital changed. The facility became an enterprise owned by the county and was renamed to Towner County Medical Center.

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