Towner County Medical Center Transparency Pricing

In compliance with federal law and CMS regulation, Towner County Medical Center is providing the price list of our clinic and hospital facility standard charges in a computer readable format. The presence or absence of a charge does not indicate that the clinic or hospital does or does not provide a particular service. This may not be the amount you will owe as this does not include any amounts covered by your insurer. If you are interested in determining what you will need to pay for a specific procedure or service, please call us at (701) 968-2554. We can also assist you with setting up payment plans or determining if you are a candidate for our Sliding Fee Discount Program which assists those who are unable to pay their medical bills. Note that prices for pharmaceuticals are based on average wholesale price (AWP). AWP is based on an average of the price paid by pharmacies to purchase the drug from wholesalers (which can vary based on the contracts each pharmacy/pharmacy chain has with each wholesaler). As AWP changes, our prices will change and this price list may not reflect the latest price.

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