Brittany Peterson

Brittany Peterson

DPT, Astym Certified, FNCP - PT

Chet Yoder


Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Services are provided by Doctorate level trained Physical Therapists. We enjoy serving people of all ages with conditions ranging from recovering athletes to geriatric populations. We commonly assist people with medical conditions such as orthopedic conditions, stroke, spinal cord injury, and neurological conditions, along with treating those common neck and back aches that just won't go away!

 Specific Treatment May Include:

  • Therapeutic Exercise including
    • Individualized Home Exercise Program
    • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
    • Sport Specific Performance Training
    • Work conditioning
  • Manual Therapy for acute or Chronic conditions including
    • ATSYM certified therapist
    • Visceral Fascial Manipulation
    • Myofascial Release
    • Joint mobilization
  • Functional nutrition for Chronic Pain certified therapists
    • Coaching on nutrition for reducing inflammation and speeding the body's natural healing process
  • Dry needling
    • Gentle procedure for reducing pain from ‘knots’ or myofascial trigger points in musculature throughout the body.

Certification of Services

  • Certified functional dry needle specialist
  • Astym certified PT
  • Functional nutrition chronic pain certified PT’s
  • Visceral functional mobilization specialist

Hours of Service

8AM - 5PM Monday-Friday

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Chet Yoder (MPT, DPT, FNCP)

Office Phone: (701)-968-2535

Brittany Peterson (DPT, Astym Certified, FNCP)

Office Phone: (701)-968-2527

Kayla Mitchell (DPT)

Office Phone: (701)-968-2527

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